The campp™ Automatic Shoe Covers Machine
The campp™ Automatic Shoe Covers Machine

The campp™ Automatic Shoe Covers Machine

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Keep your house safe from the virus.

Protect yourself and your family by giving them this automatic shoe cover.

How many of you are TOTALLY confused and anxious about how Vuris is transmitted? Are you afraid that you can give the virus to your friends when going to them?

Are you afraid of transmitting the virus to your home when you go out to get food or something needed?

The Best Automatic Shoe Cover DispenserMachine You Ever Get to Make Your Life save and clean from virus

Do you have elderly or fat or lazy people who have problems taking their shoes on and off? Are you tired of visitors and guests stomping dirt in your house with their shoes? Are you a real estate broker who needs to take the customer into the house but have to clean the house frequently? 

No bending need! Shoe covers disposable dispensers would be a perfect solution. It will quickly and efficiently cover the shoe When you step inside the center of the box. A safe way for visitors to cover their shoes without a struggle. 

Keep your floor and carpet clean and neat. 

Foot booties disposable dispensers can be used in many places. Office, home, hospital, anywhere needs cleanliness.

Hands free: Disposable shoe cover dispenser automatically releases a bootie around your shoe when you stand up the center of the dispenser. No bending down! An excellent design for the elder, the fat and the lazy, etc.

Keep clean: Keep your floor clean and neat. It is convenient for you need not clean. Shoe covers disposable machine is also used to protect floors and carpets.

Occasion: Automatic shoe cover dispenser is suited for all kinds of shoes changing places. Such as home, office, factory, hospital, and so on. The best way for visitors to cover their shoes without a struggle.

Excellent quality: Made of PPT and ABS safe to use. The highlight of our booty dispenser is the thickened spring and the solid hooks, which increased durability and stability.

Without electricity: Disposable shoes cover machine work on a mechanical spring. Without electricity, safe and environmentally friendly.

Our shoe covers are not only durable but also recyclable, dissolvable, environmentally friendly and practical. The shoe cover is very large and can be used by people who can accommodate more than 11.5in. Don't worry about the size and buy it with peace of mind.


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